product designer


FAQ — Some common questions I get asked.

Why do you design?

Growing up, I had always been exposed to many different cultures. Living in countries like Indonesia, China, and Australia, cultural awareness had been engrained in my everyday thinking. It drives me to keep finding out about why people do the things they do, and think the way they think. Ultimately, I am always welcoming a different perspective. 

Pursuing UX keeps this mindset alive, and I strive to implement it in my design processes to generate inclusive and well-rounded solutions.


What’s with the languages in your homepage? How many languages do you speak?

I speak Indonesian & English as my native languages, and I am conversationally comfortable in Chinese and Bengali.

What else do you do besides design?

I'm a huge music enthusiast. I produce music in my free time and will spend hours discovering artists, sharing music, and curating playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud. I also actively seek out new sushi restaurants around Seattle, obsess over Hypebeast fashion, and doodle at local cafes. At the University of Washington, I co-founded a student organization called DubEx, a community for multinational students like myself. Now, I’m a design teaching assistant at the UW Information School!


What are some goals you have as a designer?

  • Technical knowledge so I can improve my communication with engineers.

  • Asking the right questions to users.

  • How to create and manage a design system; how to scale design in a company.

  • Managing a design team and design operations.

  • Designing for a global audience and creating user tests that are fair

  • Experience writing

What are you like in a team?

  • I bring food or suggest good lunch places

  • I’ll be sure to send you funny memes on a bad day

  • I get along with a wide range of personalities and ages

  • I’m receptive to new ideas and constructive criticism

  • I want to learn from you

  • I’ll tell you my stories and listen to yours

  • I’ll give you my best resources

  • I love mentoring